homophobia is not an opinion. transphobia is not an opinion. ableism is not an opinion. racism is not an opinion. these things just make you a bad person and you can’t defend them at all. i don’t want to talk to you if you think these things are okay, and i don’t care about your feelings if you’re upset that i’m mad at you for these things, because you obviously don’t care about the feelings of the people effected by it.

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i haven’t read your stuff, but i know you’re not a shitty writer :P also wow i remember you mentioning WSF to me like junior year or something. it’s your baby XD and this is christen, i changed my url. just so you know for sure i’m not a creeper

Yep! Been writing it since junior year, thank you :D anywho, Christen I am insulted; you don’t think I know when my bff changes urls? Just insulted!

skeez-queen13 asked:

Oh yeah & one last thing~! I just wanted to say thank-you so much for writing that story~! It was one of the first pieces of Regular Show fanfiction that I ever read & it definitely was a lynchpin in my decision to become a Mordeson shipper~! There's a lot more I wish I could say but in all honestly- that story changed my life~! In so many ways & all for the better. It helped spur me back into writing & back into creating & for that I'll always be grateful~! Keep on being amazing, Jess~! ♥♥♥

<3<3<3<3<3 You’re just sweet and wonderful Skeez! Thank you x infinity!!!

I hope ya’ll like the new stories I produce as much as WSF! (including that multi-chaptered Rigby centric one I mentioned in Jasmine’s ask! :0) 

Feel free to give me a word for my One Word Mordeson Ficlet Weekend! 

skeez-queen13 asked:

Aw, NGL, I'm a little sad to see that WSF is going to end, but yeah- I know that feeling of wanting to move onto other projects w/ a clean slate. And even though it's been awhile since I last read it, I just wanted 2 say that I really want to find out what happened to Lorelei & also uncover the big secret behind Jerry McGuire Oh yeah & of course see if Mordecai and Benson actually get together in the end. Anyway- it feels a little bittersweet but I'm really excited to see how it ends~! ♥♥♥

<3 Skeezy~ oh I’m definitely going to have to explain more stuff than I want to since I’m ending it so soon, but I think folks will be satisfied. I’m definitely going to explain Lorelai, McGuire, the love spell Pops grants, the huge party Rigby is planning, what’s going on with Eileen/Don, the ghosts, even the agency Lou Diamond Philips works for and how it ties into the “Throat Ripper Outer” murders. I can’t promise I’ll answer everything but I’m gonna try to throw you what I can!

Thank you for reading and always being sorta like a fanfiction cheerleader for me :) <3 



When disabled people say they don’t want to be treated differently, we mean we don’t want to hear your voice go up 5 million octaves as you talk to us like we’re toddlers, or see your face contort into a big plastic smile when you see us. 

We mean, treat us with the respect and dignity a human being has every right to.

We do not mean, ignore our disability and hold us to abled standards. 

Abled people just don’t get that.